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Surprise !?

On the television, our beloved president Mr. Ettur saw that the military and police aggression was stopped.
Instead of it, these forces did, al they could, to stop the violence calmly.
It worked, people became more quiet and they also asked the youngsters to protest without physical violence and so it happened.

There was a knock on the door.
He opened it and two persons of the medical team came in as asked.
— We are asked to inform you about the status of the victims.
— Yes, go on.
— Two victims did not survive the shooting and five were transferred to hospital.
— Go on.
— The police and militaries were instructed at a certain moment to take armed action because those aggressive idiots and rioters were of no value for society.

For a moment Mr. Ettur did feel something like a little pain, it did something to him, apparently he had still some feeling for people, but he recovered fast.

— Go on.
— A woman, Lisa, was hit by a bullet in her arm.
— She was transferred to hospital too.
— After a limited treatment she could go on but she insisted, she told, she knew you and we checked, she insisted to see you.
— Should be okay.
— So, she is also with us, and, together with your wife.

He was astonished, he did not know what to say.

They opened the door and there the two ladies were.

Some tears came in his eyes but he stopped it immediately by trying to suppress his emotions.
He should be the big leader, the president, no room for those emotions.
Happily, Angela and Lisa, had seen enough.
He hugged his wife.
— My angel, I am so happy that you are here.
He also embraced Lisa.
Then he said something that no one would expect at that moment from our big and strong president.

— You both are so right.
— I was completely blind for reality, now I know.
— Tomorrow the convention will be a surprise for all attendants.
— We are going to have dinner together, without others to watch us and after that we will modify the agenda for the first day of the convention.

— Surprise, surprise !!

The dinner was good, they kept it simple and after that they went back to their hotel room to discuss the agenda of the convention.
For some people tomorrow will be a shocking day.
During the evening, discussing together, it became more clear what should be done.
And, at the end, the official agenda was replaced by the new one but together they agreed not to publish it.
So, at the opening, Mr. Schaap from the WCF would only have the old agenda.

After the moment that everyone had left the room to take a rest, our beloved president took the telephone and gave instructions to different persons for the very important actions the following morning.
No-one should talk about that and just prepare for the next day.
Our Mr. Ettur went to bed for a refreshing sleep.

The following morning he took a very light breakfast to be fit and not with a full stomach.
He checked his messages and saw that everything was okay, it was going as expected.
Then he prepared for the convention.

Within the center there was a little bit of friction or disagreement.
Some guards, belonging to the security of Mr. Schaap, were in the possession of weapons and these were not permitted within the convention room.
So, they had the choice, either to put them in a secure safe or leave the building.
After contact with Mr. Schaap they left them in the safe and entered the convention room.   

It was ten o’clock.
Time to officially open the convention.
Everyone was already seated and Mr. Schaap from the WCF was entering the room.

He walked to the table in front of the audience and suddenly he saw Lisa close to Mr. Ettur.
He didn’t like that kind of unwished and unexpected surprises and that could clearly be seen on his face.
But he went to his seat and sat down.  
The music started to play.
He looked at Mr. Ettur who was, with closed eyes, enjoying the sounds of that excellent composition.

After a while the music stopped and Mr. Schaap officially and formally opened the convention and he asked Mr. Ettur to explain what was in the agenda.
So he did.
— Yesterday there was some shooting and people were killed, to prevent that we did take severe security actions.
— No-one is allowed to enter or leave the convention during the day, armed security will protect us and cannot allow anyone leaving or entering, however we can use the normal sanitary and restaurant facilities.
— Close to me is Lisa, she also was hit by a bullet, happy that it is not so severe, only her arm but still.
— This should not happen.
— She has something to say, only short.

Mr. Schaap did look a little bit upset.

Lisa went to the microphone.
— Dear and lovely people.
— I am so glad that I can say something to you all, it shows to me that you want the best for all people.
— Some people outside think that you are promoting the trans-humanism culture, more or less looking like a fascist culture, where people are only an extension of a machine.
— Where people, as we all are here, will be considered as having no value, and can easily be replaced.
— Now I know, it is not true.

Mr. Schaap was visibly upset.

He was trying to get out, to escape (??)
But, that was impossible, till the end (!!)

— People are not machines, they are humans !
— People are made for love !
— People are made to help each other, to build a fascinating society and world together !

— Money is not the goal, people are the reason to live, in a fascinating world.

From outside you could hear loud voices and incredible sound.
A sound as if a fantastic game was going on.
It was not like a threat, no, more like a collective enthusiasm.
Mr. Ettur had ordered to put a large number of big screens and people could exactly follow what happened in the convention room.
They liked and loved it so much what Lisa was saying.

— People should work together, not the divide and conquer strategy,

Also within the convention room more and more people visibly agreed with wat Lisa said.

— And do not accept the divide strategy also with respect to viruses, a vaccination should protect you and everyone should be free to choose !
Because if it protects you, another one can freely decide whether or not to take a vaccine !
— If a vaccine does not protect you, it has been given for another purpose !
— Thank you for your attention and I wish you all to be people full of love.

Many attendants were standing up and gave her a big applause.
The first day of the convention ended with a disillusion for Mr. Schaap and his sick ideas about transhumanism.
Maybe the convention stops here but I am sure Mr. Schaap will go on and try again.

Let us just not listen to that attempt to break down and stop the evolution.

For a better world and a society full of love for everyone.


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