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Happy End ?

Our president Mr. Ettur was glad about his last success.
Together with his wife, Angela, he was sitting in his luxury hotel apartment and he enjoyed it.
Tomorrow the big convention, with all the other well-known leaders, would start.
Yes, regularly he had contacts with many of them, by telephone and via video meetings, but nothing can replace the “being together”.

Two weeks ago he got a message from Mr. Young, the person with the nice shoes.
There was a new development, done by the big pharma company SKG.
Because of the fact that the results of the pcr-test could not be trusted they developed a new method to be used for the monkey test ……… sorry, the monkeypox test.
It was marvelous and certainly, people would like it.
The pcr-test was invasive and this method not at all.
Yes, it is more expensive, it was a special research and development project and that investment has to be paid but it is much more patient-friendly.

For a moment he was thinking back again.
He saw the big successes of the last time.
His friends who were so successful now and enjoyed the revenues of their achievement.
Suddenly, for one or another reason, he saw Lisa.
The woman who never would give up.
She goes “for a better world”.

He stopped his thoughts and concentrated on the new product, it was more expensive.
But it, ultimately, resulted in more profit.
And that is important in life.
Again his thoughts were driving away.
And again he concentrated on the important things in life, money.

The new product was marvelous.
SKG specified it as the most patient-friendly and with the most reliable result ever.
Yes, yes, where did he hear that before ?
Oh yes, with the vaccines !
What was he thinking ?
His concentration was not optimal at this moment.

The new monkeypox test indeed was a very practical and promising test.
It was a little container in which a little bit of a liquid was kept.
That liquid was the novelty.
If you think that you are infected with the monkeypox, you can put a little drop on the suspected place, like you put polish on nails.
Then, after approximately ten minutes, you can look at it and if it is red, you are infected.
If it is green then it is safe.
Our beloved president liked it.

Someone called him and immediately he switched on the television.
Lots of protesters were on the street.
Police and military were cleaning the street but the protesters came back.
Suddenly there was some shooting and people were running away.

Mr. Ettur saw it and was happy with the actions.
— Shoot them, they are of no value.
His wife Angela also saw it happening and heard what he said.
— Are you crazy, they must stop immediately, they are killing people !
— No, no value !
— So, now I know, I am of no value for you !
She took her personal belongings and left the room.
— I won’t come back to such a killer.
And she smacked the door behind her.

He was overwhelmed by the sudden reaction of Angela.
He did not know what to say.
It all happened so unexpected.
Before he could take any action or say any word, she was gone.
Maybe it was just a reaction for the moment and maybe, tomorrow she would come back.
But he was not confident about that.

Suddenly, he saw the shooting again.
It was still going on.
It was a huge protest against the convention.
Much violence from both parties.
Then, something special did draw his attention.
That was Lisa.
The following moment she was hit by a bullet.
Mr. Ettur was terrified.
In a split second he was standing at his feet and the following moment he called the convention special services; they came, very fast.
— Stop the shooting immediately !
— And, I want to be informed about the status of all wounded persons.
One of the persons said :
— They are of no value !
— Do as I told you, I want to know it now !
Immediately they did as was ordered.

Half an hour later someone from the medical team came to inform our beloved president Mr. Ettur.


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