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The President (3)

The Gambling Machine !

Lisa did explain very clear how the basic principles of the “STOCK EXCHANGE” machines are working.
But, she did more.
She looked at the statistics of one of the big gambling machines in the period before the PLANdemic started.
And at the same time she compared it with the huge profits that were made during the PLANdemic and by which companies.

She was surprised !
No, in fact she expected it already !
There was a strong relation between the figures.
That did prove that the PLANdemic was very well known, long before the manifestation.

She looked further and detected that several of the “Big Pharma” did already have an extended record of malversations and illegal activities in the past.

Because of the results of the investigations from Lisa I decided to do research in a number of fields that are well-known to me.
At first, I looked at a number of very profitable, small organizations.
It seemed that they had no or hardly any relations with “BIG …..” but carefully following the money, from one mailbox organization to another, it became more clear.
Yes, acting based on inside information on shares is legally not allowed so if you create a hardly traceable chain of organizations it is difficult to prove.

So, the money is flowing freely from one to the other into the wallet of the criminal.
Well-known banks played an important role to make it possible and ……. they were supported by smart definitions of lawmakers.

We informed our beloved Mr. Ettur about it and delivered the full specifications of the results of our investigations.
Yes, he is a very busy man and after a very long period, too long, there came a reaction.
He created a special team of highly specialized people to investigate it.
We could look forward to the results of it.
Yes, it takes some time, we are still waiting, but we go on.
But, of course, we checked, once and a while, the progress of those, criminal, organizations and, surprise surprise, shortly after our message to our beloved Mr. Ettur, some of them were disappearing or restructured.
So, we knew that they knew.

A friend of me, Mr. Young, ………… not the best friend ……… a little bit of a friend ……… no, not a real friend, not at all !
He came to me with his best idea ever.
It should never be my idea but okay.
He told about what plan he worked out during the last weeks.
He likes gambling and he is addicted to money.
And yes, I have to admit, his idea was clever, could bring a lot of money.
Not for him, only a little bit, but for the “BIG ……” it would be a potential cash-cow.
Maybe, not potential, but certainly a huge COW.
I was completely astonished.
How could someone come to that kind of clever and at the same time, in my opinion, criminal idea ?
The idea.
He was looking around in the corona circus and he saw that many people did not want to get their healthy vaccines and boosters.
He saw the light.
How could he find a way to motivate people.
He was thinking.
No, stimulating and motivation did not seem a successful manner to reach that goal.
Besides that, people who want a vaccine, know that they will be safe when they got it, and the others don’t care.
But it is different if the vaccine is not reliable and does not work, as it has been proved later on.
Then the “safe and vaccinated” people still can be infected and …… they can and may infect other people.
Also, it can be the other way around.
He searched for a better solution and then, suddenly, he found it.
It’s quite simple.
Just force people to take it.
And, Mr. Young had very much experience with pushing and forcing, he did like that very much.
Also, he had no problems with the truth, he was a professional liar.
So, first he contacted a “BIG ……” , I think it was SKG or something that looks alike.
That was because he liked to have some profit.

And yes, it was successful !
That “BIG ……” SKG I think, saw the possible revenues at the horizon that could arise and they wrote the proposal.
To Mr. Schaap of the WCF and to our beloved president Mr. Ettur.
Within that message they explained that there was a possible solution for a better control of the people who refuse to take the healthy vaccine and boosters.
That can be done, not by friendly stimulation, instead, let them pay a price, money, tax, if they don’t want.
Let them feel financial consequences of their choice.
That was the BIG message: TAX !

The enthusiasm of MR. Ettur was enormous.
An extremely good idea.

The enthusiasm of Mr. Young was enormous.
The challenge of pushing was successful.
From pleasure he took his best clothes and the beautiful ties and …… his unique shoes.

The enthusiasm of the “BIG  SKG” was enormous.
They already saw the Big Money of the vaccines coming in.
Vaccines were easy to make, just some components, testing and proving was not necessary and responsibility did not exist so ……… Big Big Big Money ……

And also our beloved president Mr. Ettur, was proud on what he had done for his beloved people.

Only our Lisa did not share this feeling of satisfaction.
She saw the Corruttion going on.
But …… she already had decided to “NEVER GIVE UP” and go for “A BETTER WORLD” for everyone.


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