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A Solution !?

Our country is a happy country with an excellent president.
There are a lot of people who want to contribute to our country and they have a lot of marvelous ideas.
But, our president mr. Ettur, must be selective.
And, besides that, our president must obey the rules of the big executive leader mr. Schaap of the WCF
So, not all nice ideas will be realized, ehhhh ……… most nice ideas will not even start.
They only will be accepted in case they are for the benefit of the people, ehhhh ……… for many people ehhhh ……… for the few people he thinks who are good enough.
Yes, you must be smart enough, mr. Ettur carefully selects the people on those criteria.

Now I want to go to one of the amazing suggestions
There was one person who was very involved with the status of people.
Some are rich, some are and every variation in between.
And she, Lisa, saw that and didn’t accept it.
There should not be such a big difference, from the utmost poverty to unbelievable wealth.
Another way should be possible.
She discussed a lot with other very wise people.
How could this been solved.
What strategy could have a positive effect on that terrible gap between the rich and poor ?

At a certain moment she came closer to the cause of that inhumane gap.
Many people said that the poor should work harder, than they would become richer.
But, that is not true, you can see a lot of examples that it is not the way it works.
At this very moment, you see prices are expanding and ……… also profits of the big organizations are rising but ………… at the same time the salaries of the workers are not or hardly increased.
The profits are for the shareholders who don’t do anything, only grab their UNfair share.

So, Lisa looked very careful at the mechanisms that are the cause of it and slowly it became very clear how these mechanisms function.
How the money is flowing.
So, by following the money, you can easily see what is the engine behind it.

She roughly detected two mechanisms:- The first is, how to grab it. (collection)
– The second is, how to keep it. (preserve)

The collection of the money basically consists of buying things for the lowest possible price and selling it for the highest.
This works excellent for products with a high emotional value as we see in the medical sector where some products have effects on life itself.
So, the Big Pharma is one of businesses that can deliver substantial profits.
Also chemicals and weapons are very interesting industries.

The preservation of the money mainly depends on the government.
They allow you, by means of a number of rules, to limit your tax payments.
With other smart actions you can put your money in low-tax countries or you can negotiate not to pay tax and do, or simulate, some specific actions.
A number of organizations and banks are highly specialized in that kind of actions.  

Now we go back to the collection part.
She was looking at it and saw, at a certain moment, the very clever constructed mechanism.
The big money machine is the Stock Exchange.
With that machine, and the banks, you are able to manipulate the whole money market.
For normal people it is a gambling machine and some like it very much and they earn money with it.
But for the experienced you see the connection between the Exchange and certain companies.
And then ……… comes the action of, as an example, the WCF, it is so clever that you hardly believe that people would do that.
It is so manipulative that you don’t expect that.
You think that they do not do that to you.
You still do trust some people too much.

Than comes the big boom; a planned epidemy.
At First they start with an intensive publicity campaign to reach out to as much people as possible.
And they tell, it is a terrible disaster and only a new vaccine can help you.
And you, with fear in your eyes, you believe it.
The vaccine is expensive, but it will help you, they SAY.

Massive profits for the Big Pharma are the results.
And guess, who is the owner/shareholder of it ?
Yes, you are right ………… !

And then ……… it seems that the vaccine does not solve the problems completely.
Okay, then you must get an additional dose.
And so on, and so on ………
And the owner / shareholder / bank receive more and more money !
And, the persons that know how to use the “Big Exchange Gambling Machine” become even more richer.

Lisa saw the damage that was caused by this way an economy is driven.
By thinking of that injustice procedure she came to the ultimate solution: Exchange Gambling IS Gambling.
Consequently it should be taxed AS Gambling.
And, if the profit is higher, the tax percentage should be higher.
Lisa made that proposal to our president mr. Ettur.
He did listen very careful and friendly to her.

But …… Lisa never saw any action concerning that Gambling and any contact to our beloved president was not possible anymore.

So far today.


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