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The President  (1)

Introduction and … !

Today I thought, it could be nice to write in another language than I am used to.
I don’t know yet if I only write one chapter or more, but we will see.
As always, my fantasy is leading, so I think this story also will hardly have any relation with the real world.
Sometimes I even think that I am not real but after a cup of cappuccino I am back in reality.
So, lets start.

I am living, during a long time, I think almost 103 years, in a big country, eh …. not so big, with approximately 65 million people, and I love to live there.
So, I know a lot of the country and its politicians.
We have, of course, a large government with all kinds of departments.
I think you will understand how it works, more or less the same as where you live.
And, of course, we have the Big Man, the president of our country, chosen by the people, Mr. Ettur.
We love him, ehhh ……… not all of us, ehhh ……… maybe only a few of us.
He is a real politician.
He takes good care for us, his people, ehhh ……… not all of us, ehhh ……… maybe for only a few of us.
As a good politician, he knows exactly what is good for his people.
So, he does not follow the law, he does, only that, where the law has been made for, so, what the intention of the law should be, in his opinion.
Good politicians have a good knowledge of the needs of people.
I will give a little example of the good care.

At some moment, a couple of years ago, an epidemy had been coming up within our beloved country.
I am not (yet) talking about other countries.
Within our country, there is a well-known and reliable manufacturer of different kinds of medicines who produced an excellent product against that type of illness.
It was not expensive, had a proven record of success, and was in larger quantities available.
They informed our president Mr. Ettur about that excellent product.

Of course, He couldn’t immediately give an answer but after some thinking he decided not to accept that product, instead, by law, he actually did prohibit the use of it and force the whole healthcare circus to only use a specific vaccine.
That vaccine was in the preliminary phase of testing and there was no official indication of the eventual positive effects.
It also was very expensive but our president Mr. Ettur likes to do some (very, very large), also financial, effort for charity, I think.
At the same time he also ordered large quantities of the medicine with the proven record in spite of the fact that application of it was (issued by him) forbidden by law.
If someone would prescribe it, it could be fined with 150.000 euro to pay.

Not long after that, it became very clear that the vaccine should never have the effect that had been told.
But, happily for the manufacturer, they did not give any guarantee for the promised results.

Yes, Mr. Ettur knows very well how to act in different and difficult situations.

He, and a number of other young people were, some time ago, educated and influenced, by well-known persons such as Mr. Schaap from the WCF (World Criminal Forum).
About him I did write in some earlier publications.
Mr. Schaap knew very well how to handle young people.
His professional way of manipulating young people clearly delivered what he wanted.
Young people can easily be conditioned in such a way that, later on, they will remain in that condition, even if normal thinking would lead to other, more logical and reasonable, thoughts and solutions.
They will remain in that condition and for them, only that is the real truth, independent of whatever happens.
It can, more or less, be compared with that what happens in religions.

So, here the WCF is the ultimate religion and they do anything for it, and anything means anything, whatever.
These young people, I don’t know the name, but it had to do with something like “executives” I think.
But it’s okay.
What’s in a name ?
These young people cannot be executives, they are just “Followers” and not leaders.
They follow the big leader and his ideas, Mr. Schaap from the WCF, and they are not able to think autonomously, their brains are conditioned in a very stable way, maybe, you can compare them with robots.
By the way, that is another hobby of Mr. Schaap.

So, these young people do anything that is necessary to achieve their goals ……… ehhh, I am sorry ……… , to achieve the goals of Mr. Schaap !
They do whatever is needed, commit fraud, to lie, and even to kill, or to make war, to destroy food supplies and so on, everything is allowed to achieve that goal.
They just follow the leader and what has been written in his big book, his bible.

To keep the young people in good shape they are going, regularly, to big international meetings to report the progress and to meet other youngsters.
I have the impression that it’s just a school session to keep them in line and eventually make some corrections of their behavior.
This is done in a very smart way and they are pampered with all kinds of surprises.
And, just like all kids, they will continue to follow the leader.

So far, the first chapter.
If you have any (positive !) comments or suggestions, you are welcome.
I do write for  “A Better World”  for all of us !
It is free of charge and you can use it as you wish.



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  1. jcgmruiter avatar

    Yes Marcea, it’s always the same ! And, it seems to be with the same group, familes, of people who initiate it each time. They own bancs, big money, big pharma, media and so on. In spite of all these posessions they seem to have lack of real brain cells. So, in fact, we know the solution.

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